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Italy's New Data Protection Code


Awareness, continuous education, information sharing are the most powerful instruments against security problems.
CLUSIT was born based on the experiences of other European Information Security Associations such as CLUSIB (B), CLUSIF (F), CLUSIS (CH), CLUSIL (L) and last added CLUSIBF, CLUSICI, CLUSIQ to be the reference regarding Information Security.
CLUSIT invites all persons and Organizations involved or interested in Information Security to join us.


  • Raise the computer security culture among companies, public amministrations and common citizens.
  • Participate and contribute to development of laws, practical codes, correct behaviour in computer security both at national and international level.
  • Contribute to the definition of learning programs and of certifications for computer security professionals .
  • Promote the adoption of methodologies and technologies which can contribute to the improvement of the security level of the information infrastructure at all levels.

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